Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hospital Photo Shoot

Baby Oscar Photo Shoot

Don says we look like the family from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  He says couches are for sitting, beds are for sleeping.  Our family seems to have these rules reversed. (If I had a dollar for every time macie has peed on my couch while napping...I could buy a new couch.)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Catch Up

Here are some things that have happened over the last 3 weeks.

 Chloe discovered she looks funny cross eyed.
 Oscar has the skinniest legs I have ever seen.
 Chloe finished up her swim team season with an awards ceremony.
 One of the nights that I had a mental breakdown and I locked myself in my room, I came out to find my house decorated with streamers and Chloe had this note on her door.  "Don't come in quite yet. When the white line is cut you can."  The girls were planning a surprise party for me to cheer me up.  They are the best girls on the whole planet.

 Chloe finally lost her front tooth.  That tooth has been hanging on by a decrepit thread for weeks.  She was terrified of having it pulled out and was determined to let it fall out on it's own.  Here is how it happened in her own words. "I am going to tell you the story how I lost my tooth.  I was going to tell my Mom to pull it out and when I wiggled it it came out.  It was bleeding a little but I was happy I lost my tooth."
She put her tooth in a little box and left it under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  Unfortunately the tooth fairy is sleep deprived and has short term amnesia.  In the morning Chloe showed up by the side of my bed, she opened up the box and said it the most pathetic voice, "she didn't come."  Oh I felt wretched!  I told her to go back to bed, that I knew she was still coming and that she must have had a busy night. Thankfully she did go back to bed and the tooth fairy had a chance for redemption.

Another Chloe story, one night Liz came over and we watched "Winter's Tale," one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  Chloe was in the room for the beginning of the movie when a baby is put in a little boat, and deserted in the Atlantic Ocean by his parents.  Chloe became very upset and sad.  I did not understand why she was so upset until I figured out that all this time, Chloe has thought movies were real.  As in everything she has seen on screen, she thinks is real footage of real events.  So Chloe thought the baby's parents had really deserted him.  She was relieved when I taught her about movies and actors and made up stories.  I was upset too that I wasted 2 hours of my life watching that stupid movie.

 This is a horrible picture I took of Oscar the morning I visited him in the NICU.
 katie brought me the most beautiful flowers in the hospital. They made me so happy for the one day that they survived.
 Right before going to the hospital to have Oscar.

School starts up in 4 days and I am sad about it.  The summer dragged by before having Oscar, and has flown by since.  My girls have watched a lot of t.v. I haven't been able to do many fun things with them, a fact that makes me feel sort of guilty and sad.  Oh well, some things can't be helped.  But we did visit my college BFF and her family in Prescott this past week.  I have been promising Chloe we would go and she has been looking forward to her "summer vacation." One of the most exciting things that happened this summer is Rachelle and her family moved a mere hour and 45 minutes away.  She was living in New York.  And although we talk on the phone almost daily, living across the country made face to face visits rare.  So to have her so close is better than Christmas morning.  We spent a couple days there just shooting the breeze.  The kids had fun playing and we could actually go outside and play at the park.  We did attempt to take the children out in public.  Silly us.  There was 7 of them and we thought it would be a good idea to take them to Del Taco to eat and play in their indoor playground.  However they didn't get to play in the playground because a kid came running out of the playground spewing large quanitities of blood from his nose.  It was a lot of blood.  A lot. 

Before I left to Prescott, Don told me I had to get the brake pads replaced.  That was fun.  I dragged my 3 kids to the brake place on our way out of town. It was about 300 degrees outside and I was already dripping with sweat walking 20 feet from my car to the front door of the shop.  I was hoping it would take an hour, but of course it took over 2.  There was a Popeye's Chicken next door, so I took the kids there for lunch.  Both of the girls spilled their lemonade on separate occasions.  Also there was a guy at a nearby table sporting a strange looking goatee.  Macie began pointing at him and asking me loudly, "what that black thing on his face? Why he have that black thing on his face?"  I was so mortified and flustered, yet at the same time, tears were streaming down my face as I tried to contain my laughter.  I knew if I laughed, it was all over.  Any chance of trying to get Macie to be quiet would be over, because if you laugh at her, she becomes irate.  Well I couldn't help myself, I began to laugh.  And sure enough, Macie turned bright red and began to angry cry and yell at me, "Why are you laughing at me!!! Stop laughing at me!!"  Well it took a few minutes, but I was able to calm her down and myself, and then she started in again with the pointing and the questions.  I told her that boys like to have hair like that and that is looks nice.  To which she replied, "No it doesn't! Why he have that black thing on his face!"  I hope Macie grows out of this stage soon, because it is exhausting to constantly have to reassure her that no one is laughing at her, and to come up with reasonable explanations for why people are laughing.