Monday, November 24, 2014

 Don made Chloe a high stack of pancakes this morning.
 Last week we had dinner with some old friends, Ardie and Cheryl, and we took this picture so I could showcase my double chin.
 But I did get this picture, pretty much the best picture ever taken.  Oscar in suspenders makes me extremely happy.
 I love reading papers Chloe brings home from school and getting a glimpse into her world.  I didn't know that swinging counted as a talent.
 Macie put a tootsie roll on her teeth and said, "Look Mom I'm Olaf!" Speaking of Macie, I really miss her.  She went to St. David with her little cousin Lyla and it has been so quiet around here.  But I hear she is having a lot of fun without us.  I miss her!
 With every baby, I have come home to find something hilarious that Don has engineered to assist him in his Dad-ly duties.  He hadn't come up with anything hilarious for Oscar yet...until now.  I came home to find Oscar in his crib, asleep, as lullabies accompanied dancing kaleidoscope images on a precariously positioned Tablet. Oh, and he had blue shorts over his red jumper. This was after he woke up..But when I first came home...

 he was like this.
 This is a Thank you note written by Chloe, I love it.
And Target set up a special picture taking backdrop next to their Frozen merchandise, which unfortunately is already sold out of the Anna nightgown I so desperately need for Christmas. And oh, good luck finding an Elsa ornament.  (grrrrr.)

Meg's Baby Shower

 I hosted a baby shower for my friend Meg a couple weeks ago.  We tried to do it on a Saturday morning, but had to switch it to a Thursday night because no one could come on a Saturday morning.  I thought the night shower was cozy, and we had the most delicious spread, thanks to so many amazing friends and their spectacular culinary skills.  We had pumpkin cinnamon rolls, zucchini bread, apple slices with chicken salad, warm spinach dip, veggies and dip, homemade caramel sauce with apples and little lemon cakes.  Thanks Meg for having a baby in the Fall so we could throw you an Autumnal shower!

 This weekend I was able to spend with my childhood friend Charlotte, helping put on a baby shower for her younger sister Anona.  I am so glad they let me help, it was the perfect excuse to spend some much needed time together.  I had fun setting up the table, and displaying all the delicious food that they all made.

Monday, November 17, 2014

 I made a picture wall, which took an incredible amount of time.  Don really loved the project (uh not.) Every day when he tripped over them on his way out to work he would say, "Picture Wall: Day ___ ..."

We spend a good amount of time at the Mesa Children's Museum. I bought a season pass off Groupon and it was money well spent.  The girls love it. And I love taking them somewhere else where they can make a mess besides my house.  

 The other day I was at Gymboree looking for a baby gift for my friend.  Bad idea.  It was a 40% off day.  And I found this hat.  I was going to buy it, but then I decided to show some restraint, and told the cashier to take it back.  well I got out of the store, and realized she had taken it off the bill, but not out of the bag.  So I inadvertently shoplifted.  Lest you be alarmed, I AM going to go back and pay for it.  I was considering just taking it back, but once I saw Oscar in it, how could I not buy it? I have decided that baby boys need to be dressed like it is 1890.
One of these days I will get a decent picture of Oscar in his Olaf hat. (Here we are at the ward annual chili cook off).   By the way, if you are looking for a little different kind of chili, ie. you don't want chili at all but a variation of taco soup, well then, I have the recipe for you.  I loved it.  And also I found a really good cornbread recipe too.  Don said that the cornbread was not real cornbread because it tasted too good.  He said cornbread is supposed to be gritty and tasteless, and should need a lot of butter and honey to make it edible, "that's how the pioneers ate it."  I made it in a jelly roll pan and it was still really thick.

Also, Oscar is a dreamboat. As long as he is fed and receiving attention from someone, anyone, he is extremely happy.  I guess wretched pregnancy is worth it after all.  He still doesn't let me sleep through the night, or without him, but to tell you the truth, I don't really mind.  He also rolled over I think a couple weeks ago at Emily's house, but he doesn't repeat it that often.  He is pretty good at scooting himself around on his back though.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

story 1: Yesterday Macie was begging me for a dress she saw at the Mall. I told her to ask Santa for it. And she said, "But Santa is not real." And then I said, "Uh...whaaaaaattt??!! who told you that?" To which she replied, "ummmmm....Danny!"  (Who knows if that is even the case. She might have pulled a name out of the hat."  Then I said, "Well who brings your presents then?"  Her reply? "You do.  No, Dad does!" So then I lied. And lied some more. And then Chloe told her she was wrong too.  And that,"If you don't believe, Santa will not bring you any presents!"  Didn't think it would be my 7 year old convincing my 3 year old that Santa was real.  When all was said and done, Macie said she was "just kidding!" about the whole thing.  (Oh, and when asked how Santa got his presents here, she said "a car.")

story 2:  My friend took Macie to the train park with her kids.  I asked her beforehand if she wanted to go on a train ride.  She got wide eyed and asked, "Is it fast? Does it go up and down?"  I had forgotten that ever since Thunder Mountain she is deathly afraid of trains.

story 3: Chloe likes to make worksheets for Macie.  She also has a behavioral chart for Macie, which is a whole other story  and a folder with a calender that I am supposed to sign and stamp every day for Macie, an almost perfect replication of her teacher's homework folder and behavioral chart. anyway, Don found one of Chloe's homemade worksheets in which she wrote this question:
I have ______  penices.
(translation: I have ___ pennies.)

story 4: we had the missionaries over for dinner last week.  Don told me they were coming at 5:15 PM. well 5:40 rolled around so I asked Don if they had called and canceled.  "No, "he said. "They are actually coming at 5:45 PM. I lied to you."  Which really made me laugh.  And has made me realize I really need to work on my punctuality.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

2 things.
First thing.  I gave the girls an hour to pick up all their junk strewn about the house, and said whatever wasn't picked up, was going into the attic. Well, they didn't do a single thing. So without warning when the hour was up, I began collecting all their beloved toys.  Chloe began weeping and wailing.  And Macie, pretended to sympathize with Chloe, but in reality didn't care one smithereens, she was actually rather jovial about it all. Maybe she realized I was doing them a favor by giving them less things to make a mess with! ; ) Anyway, Macie did tell me I was being a "teeny weeny mean" and held up her fingers about an inch apart to illustrate.

Second thing. Chloe watched Toy Story 3 yesterday. When it was over she came into my room with a quivering chin and told me that she didn't want to grow up.  She went on about how much she loves her toys and that she doesn't want to forget how much she loved playing with them...and how she doesn't want to go away to college..and that she wants to be 6 forever, that was the perfect age in her opinion because she was still little enough to still play with all her toys but big enough to be independent.  It was a really heartbreaking conversation because I knew what she was trying to express-it's that bitter sweet feeling that comes along with growing up.  She understands that she is a child, and that she likes being a child, but that everyone grows up and changes and so will she, and that makes her sad.  She has always had a great sense of self and makes keen observations of the world around her.  Anyway, the whole conversation brought out those feelings that I always have at the back of my mind, the fleetingness of childhood and this desperate desire to cherish every moment of their sweet innocence.  As soon as she left the room, I cried for a half an hour.  Don walked in and I am sure wondered what in the world was wrong with me!  I am sure he found it odd that in the middle of folding laundry I was crying thinking about how I never want my children to grow up!  Or maybe it was just the 8 loads of laundry that I am behind on. Ya, that's go with that.